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Alaa Barck

Alaa Barck is a guitarist, songwriter and Professional Guitar Teacher who has experience. Adept at creating custom lesson plans for students advising students on equipment purchases and encouraging students to learn on their own to enhance their lessons. Specializes in rock and metal guitar styles

A versatile player able to cover many genres of music, Alaa’s playing style can be defined as a blend of power, intensity, sophistication and taste, always retaining that unmistakable hard rock and metal attitude and sound.

Alaa picked up the guitar at age19, inspired by numerous classic rock and blues and metal bands and artists. That initial spark was later complimented by his passion for instrumental, progressive and metal genres as well. As a mainly self-taught guitarist, his musical development was driven by the desire to explore different genres of music, find a unique voice on the instrument and reach a high level of technical proficiency in order to execute wide array of musical ideas regardless of their style and level of complexity.

• Reliable teacher who never misses a scheduled lesson
• Able to create a lesson schedule that accommodates the students
• Able to give complete information regarding guitar equipment and recording studio
• Able to give useful advice to guitarists before the recording and compositions stage
• Able to create a network of dedicated students
• Own a home studio and professional equipment that helps very well in recording audio and video to use in courses
• Students who have completed the course can contact me if they need any future information free of charge

• Informative about music especially with regard to musical bands or musicians and their equipment. that is make me communicate effectively with students. Most of students usually are interested in a particular musician or a band and they want to imitate their style of playing
• have a sense of humor and tact and communicate well with others
Work Experience
Guitar Teacher
2005 –2011
Yamaha Musical Instrument Distributor
Tripoli Libya.

• Responsible for customizing each lesson plan around the needs of the students.
• Often made contact with students’ parents to explain the lessons and the progress of each student.
• Responsible for creating interest in the guitar lessons and bringing in as many students as possible.
• Responsible for making and maintaining the guitar lessons schedule.
• Arranged a concert for students at the end of each year that was very popular with the students and their parents.
• Responsible for creating lessons that met the needs of each student.
• Responsible for developing guitar lesson marketing materials. Responsible for exam each student to determine their levels and to put each student in his course
• Responsible for preparing educational documents for all students Work Experience
Private Guitar Teacher
2003 –2011

I was doing all the above work for different student’s levels (The basics of classical and acoustic guitar and many levels in the electric guitar)
Email: alaa@shredguitar101.com

Chiaira // shredguitar101
  1. Chiaira // shredguitar101
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