Music Theory Beginner’s Level 1

By Alaa Barka

Quickly Learn the Fundamentals of Music Theory

Music Theory Beginner’s Course Level 1 will help you quickly build a foundation for understanding music theory and how it applies to the guitar. This course covers the fundamentals of music theory in a fast paced, fun and easy to follow format. By the end of this course you’ll have a good overview of how music works and you’ll be able to dive into in-depth music theory courses with confidence. Or, this may be the only music theory course you need. Music Theory Beginner’s Course Level 1 is designed to be a fast-paced course that quickly teaches you the fundamentals of a specific subject…in this case music theory. Since this course we’ll move quickly through many topics but never so quickly that you will feel lost or overwhelmed at any point. Everything is presented in a logical step by step format that’s easy to follow just like our other popular music theory courses. Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Notes and Pitch
  • Melody, Harmony, Rhythm
  • Musical Alphabet
  • Intervals • Scales and Modes
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Major Scale
  • Minor Scales
  • Chords
  • Chord Progressions
  • Relative Minor
  • Keys

What you get with this course:

  • Ability to leave comments and ask questions
  • Follows right along with each online lesson and provides charts/TABS/ diagrams, practice instructions, and more.

Jam tracks

    • All the jam tracks used in the lessons will be provided to you to help you practice the material
    • as needed.

And much more!

By the end of Music Theory Beginner’s Course Level 1 you’ll have all the skills and tools you need to move into more advanced lessons and courses.

For more information on signing up for this course or if you have any question, please contact us

Chiaira // shredguitar101
  1. Chiaira // shredguitar101
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