Advanced Guitar Level 1

By Alaa Barka

Advanced Level 1 gives you the passion for guitar that makes you practice like you may never been able to before a Complete Shredder’s System to develop your skills to fit any musical situation you can ever experience using:

Alternate picking

  • Musical phrases
  • Major scale ideas
  • Harmonic minor phrasing
  • Chromaticism

Economy picking

  • arpeggio based licks
  • scale concept
  • pentatonic concept

Sweep picking

  • Triads and four note advanced arpeggios
  • Untraditional patterns
  • Neoclassical and contemporary arpeggios


  • Pentatonic shredding
  • Unique Arpeggio playing
  • String skipping ideas
  • Harmonic minor ideas

Building speed and accuracy

  • Exercises and tips
  • Improvisation
  • Licks and Tricks

There’s absolutely no escape from practicing plus there’s no question as to what and how much needs to be practiced every day. The way that is done is that every day you get a new practicing track. The practicing track playing the lessons along with you together with a metronome. The tempo goes up consistently. the shorter lessons are practiced several times in each tempo whereas the longer lessons are only drilled once in each tempo to prevent the lessons of becoming stale and boring

What you get with this course:

  • Ability to leave comments and ask questions
  • Follows right along with each online lesson and provides charts/TABS/ diagrams, practice instructions, and more.
  • You’ll get a T-shirt with SHRED GUITAR 101 logo

Jam tracks

    • All the jam tracks used in the lessons will be provided to you to help you practice the material
    • SHRED GUITAR 101 will answer all of your questions and give you further advice and instructions as needed.

And much more!

Our Advanced Level 1 courses will prepare you to become an advanced player!

By the end of Advanced Level 1 you’ll have all the skills and tools you need to move into more advanced lessons and courses.

For more information on signing up for this course or if you have any question, please contact us

Chiaira // shredguitar101
  1. Chiaira // shredguitar101
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