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09 November 2018

Tips for Increasing Your Playing Speed


Tips for Increasing Your Playing Speed

These are some tips to help you in increasing your playing speed, feel free to contact us for extra lessons or a more customized learning plan.

  • Relaxing when playing at high speeds helps develop the playing, warm up…literally. only move as much as you need to watch your breathing.
  • Fast playing requires you to adjust your reflexes to maintain accuracy, synchronization, and fluidity. Slow guitar practice is only half of the process of learning to play fast.
  • When you’re just picking notes normally, your pick should be parallel with the strings. But when you’re sweeping in a downwards direction, your pick should be pointed slightly upwards. Similarly, when you’re sweeping in an upwards direction, your pick should be pointed slightly downwards. You’ll need to make this adjustment with your wrist
  • Use a metronome to gauge the progress of your picking speed, also angling your pick forward about 45% helps the pick glide through the string easier creating less resistance, especially at faster tempos.
  • Make your sweep picking sound better, practice connecting all arpeggio shapes you learn all over the fretboard. Learn all inversions of every arpeggio on 2 strings, 3 strings, 4 strings, 5 strings and 6 strings and combine them together into sweep picking etudes to practice.

This will help you to fully master this technique!

  • Press the strings only as hard as you need to.
  • Practice “finger twisters”
  • Lower the action on your guitar.
  • Practice regularly.
  • Practice slowly.
  • Practice fast.
  • Synchronize Your Fretting and Picking Hands.
  • Use Alternate Picking.
  • Use Sweep Picking.
  • Use Economy Picking.

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